A Blast of the Past #27: Strawberries in Kearney


Today’s look back is going to discuss gardening. Everywhere we have lived I have done some sort of gardening. With experience you are supposed to get better. Doesn’t feel that way to me where gardening is concerned.

I remember back in Caton, after my college days, I put quite a bit of effort into gardening, with a respectable return from the effort. Never as good as my Granda Robords would have gotten, but respectable.

The garden plot was a rather rocky portion of Caton soil, so I rented a uniloader. Dad has stopped dairy farming more than five years ago, and a pile of manure that had been pushed out the end of the barn years ago and never made it to the fields was now a very well composted pile of loam. I used the uniloader to a move a good foot or two of loam onto my garden. I had to stop dad from trying to till the stones back up.

When we moved to Savona I grew six tomato plants and got 50 quarts of tomatos out of them.

Then I moved Missouri and my growing stuff started a decline.

I started out quite well in Kearney. A good sized garden, and a strawberry pyramid. Which is where today’s pictures come in. These are cute pictures of working with Carly picking strawberries. It is a nice collection of strawberries, but not an excessive harvest. But the pictures are cute.

CarlyYear20440 CarlyYear20441 CarlyYear20442 CarlyYear20443 CarlyYear20444 CarlyYear20445


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