A Blast of the Past #26: Easter 1999


Spent some of today looking some pictures of the beautiful pictures of the beautiful women in my life. See these couple of photos from Easter 1999:

CarlyYear20410 CarlyYear20411

I can’t help but admire how happy and radiant they both are. Carly was always cute, and Betsy always has such a beauty of presence to match her beauty of face.

Of course, the whole day wasn’t spent in finery, but it was full of cuteness nonetheless. Carly really got into the annual Easter egg hunt that year.

CarlyYear20422 CarlyYear20423 CarlyYear20424

And of course, she always enjoyed flying through the air. I certainly can’t do that for her anymore. She’s grown quite a bit since then, in both grace and beauty. Sometimes she doesn’t realize how much.




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