A series of pleasant surprises.



Today is another quick post. For our 20th anniversary on Wednesday I whisked Betsy off Tuesday night to a surprise destination, and we had and enjoyable evening at that destination, and then roamed around Wednesday, just taking a “Sunday drive” and visiting and revisiting sites, until she thought I didn’t have any more surprises. Then I sprang one final surprise.

Wednesday evening was the first choir rehearsal of the “semester” at Avondale United Methodist Church, and after the rehearsal, with the able help of my co-conspirator Suzy Conaway, we had small cake reception in Wesley Hall with our choir friends.


Let me say, Suzy was a great friend to share her gift of baking and making cakes with us. It looked and tasted great! I had also managed to sneak the cake topper from our wedding cake to her, so she could blend it into her design (the topper is the same one used at Betsy’s parent’s wedding, so it has generational sentiment).


Let me also say, that our “surprise” destination was a wonderful surprise for us both. We had heard of the Inn on Crescent Lake for years from our friends Pat and Christine Cagle, and it took us that long to get to that wonderful Bed and Breakfast in Excelsior Springs, MO. It certainly has a reason to boast “The Most Romantic Getaway in the Kansas City Area” on its business cards. I will be doing a writeup/review on the inn itself sometime in the near future, when I can put together the thoughts and words to do it justice. For now, if you are interested, follow this link


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