Pass the plate, pass the platelets


Yesterday Avondale United Methodist Church sponsored a blood drive. The goal was 16 units, and 25 units were collected.

I mentioned the drive yesterday afternoon to the people at my Madrigalia Bar Nonne rehearsal, and someone talked about them passing the plate and then passing the  platelets. It was a good enough pun that I had to share it here.

Blood is the gift of life; physical life. In the church we are in the business of sharing the gift of life; life abundant — spiritual, mental, emotional, physical.

I shared a special music number yesterday: Scandalon by Michael Card. It talks about sharing that life abundant, that it is unexpected, a stumbling block, hard for many. as the lyric goes “many will be broken so that he can make them whole — and many will be crushed and lose their own souls.”

Everyone will come upon the Scandalon, and either let it make them whole, or crush themselves upon it. We do them no favor by making it easy, something they can “step over.”


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