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Pass the plate, pass the platelets

Yesterday Avondale United Methodist Church sponsored a blood drive. The goal was 16 units, and 25 units were collected.

I mentioned the drive yesterday afternoon to the people at my Madrigalia Bar Nonne rehearsal, and someone talked about them passing the plate and then passing the  platelets. It was a good enough pun that I had to share it here.

Blood is the gift of life; physical life. In the church we are in the business of sharing the gift of life; life abundant — spiritual, mental, emotional, physical.

I shared a special music number yesterday: Scandalon by Michael Card. It talks about sharing that life abundant, that it is unexpected, a stumbling block, hard for many. as the lyric goes “many will be broken so that he can make them whole — and many will be crushed and lose their own souls.”

Everyone will come upon the Scandalon, and either let it make them whole, or crush themselves upon it. We do them no favor by making it easy, something they can “step over.”

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#26 Rejoice, Ye Pure in Heart

(Part of a series singing through the hymnbook I grew up with: Great Hymns of the Faith)


Rejoice, ye pure in heart, Rejoice, give thanks and sing;

You festal banner wave on high, The cross of Christ your King;


Rejoice, (Rejoice), rejoice (rejoice), Rejoice, give thanks and sing.


Bright youth and snow-crowned age, strong men and maidens meek;

Raise high your free, exulting song, God’s wondrous praises speak;



With voice as full and strong As ocean’s surging praise;

Send forth the hymns our fathers loved, The psalms of ancient days;



With all the angel choirs, With all the saints on earth;

Pour out the strains of joy and bliss; True rapture, noblest mirth;



Still lift your standard high, Still march in firm array,

As warriors thru the darkness toil Till dawns the golden day;


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A Blast of the Past #24: Carly’s Second Birthday


Going from Christmas to birthday in the pictures shows a connection in the gifts between the two. The Unfinished Furniture store was getting a lot of business from us. Well, maybe not a lot, but all the business we had available.


The big gift of the birthday was a toddler bed. Like the toy chest for Christmas, it was a piece of unfinished furniture that we stained.  Unlike the toy chest, which we still have, once both kids and their cousins outgrew it, we didn’t have a reason to keep it, and still managed to store it away in our basement. I think we finally gave it away on the recycling web group last summer (or was it the summer before that), when I was doing my neatening up of the basement and trying to get rid of all the things we had. I was a little sad to let it go, but the pictures here cheer me with happy memories, and it is much better being used than sitting in our basement waiting decades for another user.


Another big gift was a tricycle. That got a lot of use over the years as well, between her, her sibling and the cousins.  Somewhere along the way it got enough wear to actually split in two along the main weld that held the front and back sections together. It stayed in a junk pile in our basement for years after that. In fact, we didn’t get rid of it until earlier this month, when we finally schedule a large trash pickup with the city for a broken sofa and broken chairs and etc.


I cannot comment on a birthday without pictures of the cake either. Apparently no really messy pictures, like the first birthday.


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A Blast of the Past #23: Christmas 1998

Browsing through the pictures this way often allows us to date memories that we have. From the pictures I can see that Christmas 1998 was a significant year for memorable objects.

It was the year the letter trains. We gave both our daughter and her cousin trains that had cars made of letters that spelled their names.


It was also the year we gave Carly the toy chest that she still has. We bought it unfinished and then I stained it for her, and stuffed it with her other presents to open.


The biggest present of those was Big Bear. We had no idea at the time how important Big Bear would be. He became her constant bedtime companion, and still is favored to this day, though he is somewhat flatter than he used to be, due to all the attention he has received.CarlyYear20228


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#25 The Great Creator

(Part of a series singing through the hymnbook I grew up with: Great Hymns of the Faith)


How I praise the great Creator,

Who did make this world so fair;

As I scan the realm of nature

I can see His image there.


In the steep and on the hiltop,

There I find His royal throne;

And the God who made the mountain

Ever loves me as His own.


Tiny buy and lovely flower,

All the fragrant bloom of spring,

Show the sweetness and the beauty

Of my Sov’reign and my King.


Bubbling spring and swirling river,

Lapping lake and tossing sea,

All declare the might and greatness

Of the one who cares for me.


How I prase the great Creator,

Who did make this world so fari;

For I too am His creation,

And I love Him for His care.

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A Blast of the Past #21: College Reunion


I wrote a blog post about ten years before the reunion that is the subject of today’s post. For this is the 10-year reunion.

At graduation I had no idea where I was headed.

At the five-year reunion I saw many people who were couples, and I was single. Yet my college sweetheart (we did have one date) was also single. So I started courting her.


Now it was five years later, and it was our turn to show up with someone on our arm, and someone running around at our feet.


Much had changed, both for us, and for Houghton College. Fancher Hall was still around, but in a different location. There was the new academic building in its former place.


Friends had also changed. My college roommate and his wife showed up with their two kids. Interesting how many of those kids from back then are now already high school graduates now.


Yes, for now it has been more than 10 years again. Changes have come again. It seemed so long between reunions, and now they seem to come so fast. And social media means the gaps seem even smaller.

So here is to another look back, and the amazing changes, potential and promises that keep us going forward.

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A Blast of the Past #20: Return to Caton

The summer of 1997 saw the Eastern branch of the family visit us in Missouri. The summer of 1998 was our turn to visit them.

That summer they got to see what was then the youngest Lightfoot. We got to see some of them for the last time. Many of the pictures have both generations in them.

Looking at those pictures now reminds me of the many things that I once knew but have forgotten.CarlyYear20073

This picture above shows my great uncle Charlie. He lied about his age to enlist in the army at age 16 for World War I, received a commendation and honorable discharge for his services, and in his later years was honored by France with the Medal of Honor. There are many stories I only knew part of, and now will never know, about his life.


Then there was this picture of my cousins Clyde and Toni. I know Clyde and my dad were friends as kids together. For my part, I remember going to their cottage on Wanita Lake summers and fishing. Again, many more things I never knew about them.


We also met friends that I met later.  Next is a picture of Jeevun Vethanayagam and Carly playing the piano in his parent’s house in Painted Post. He and his parents had moved back to India when I visited them, about a decade later, in 2007, when I traveled to India for work. I got to see their new, almost completed house, in Bangalore.

This next picture of Carly at the electric organ is one of the cute ones we regularly remember about her. It was taken at my parent’s house, in what we called “the music room,” for obvious reasons.CarlyYear20068

And now, to close, some pictures of a larger gathering of family and friends. Whether we were actually there on the day or not, I believe the gathering was meant to celebrate my sister’s birthday, as the cake and candles would seem to indicate.

CarlyYear20092 CarlyYear20093 CarlyYear20096 CarlyYear20110 Nathan0017

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#24 We Magnify Our Father God

(Part of a series singing through the hymnbook I grew up with: Great Hymns of the Faith)

Again, not a hymn that I really know (I made the same comment with #22), but in this case I found it easy to play and read on the first go through, and laden with theology and the Trinity — which is quite something for a “modern” hymn like this one.


We magnify our Father God With songs of thoughtful praise;

As grateful children we confess How perfect are His ways,

We worship Jesus Christ our Lord Who saw our sing and pain

And with the Great physician’s skill Restored our health again.


We glorify the Holy Ghost For fellowship and aid;

In changing times we find ourselves Secure and unafraid.

The love of God will never change THruout eternity;

In rev’rence and thankfulness We bless the Trinity!


We bless the Trinity!

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A Blast of the Past #19: Easter through the years

I came across these first couple of Easter pictures from 1998 and thought they were so cute, but I really didn’t have enough with them alone to warrant a blog:

CarlyYear10325 CarlyYear10328 CarlyYear10333

So I decided to pick out photos from Easter through the years to augment the story. Quite interesting what years we took pictures, what ones we didn’t and the types of pictures that were taken each year.

CarlyYear20411 CarlyYear20413 CarlyYear20427

The year 1999, seen above, had wonderful outside play shots, and an excellent glamour shot of the ladies of the family in their Easter finery.

The year 2000 added another actor to our Easter pageantry.

Nathan0092 Score Ought0252

It was also the year when the cutest china doll pictures of Carly were taken.

Score Ought0246 Score Ought0248

There is a blank year in 2001, before we get to the final fashion show in 2002 — with Easter clothes that I sewed myself. The photo quality itself isn’t that great, some of our first digital cameras. This was during my sewing era, that started with my making costumes for the Renaissance Festival.

Easter007 Easter008 Easter012 Easter020 Easter022

After this point we don’t seem to have pictures of Easter finery, but we do manage pictures from several years of the annual Easter egg hunt.

100_2635 100_2640 100_2641 100_2644 100_2646

One year, 2009,  the hunt was even done at our house, as the above photos show:

A couple of years we even got pictures of coloring the eggs, the deviled eggs that are an annual tradition, and the jello eggs that we sometimes make. And with those, I’ll end this photo blog. Plenty more pictures of the egg hunts, but I think this is about enough for now.

DSC05565 DSC05568