A Blast of the Past #16: Christmas in Missouri. circa 1997


The above picture is probably the iconic family picture from Christmas 1997. Here Carly isn’t quite a year, and sits so sweetly with the M&M candy cane held in her hands.


That was a year where we had a live tree, as you can see above. The big wrapped packages were the parts of the new full-sized crib we had ordered for her, and waiting to be assembled. See some of the assembly below:


This Christmas also had a very iconic (I seem to like that word) present — the Spinning Pooh Walker. That toy had many miles put on it by at least 4 of the 5 cousins back in the day.

CarlyYear10193 CarlyYear10197 CarlyYear10244

It was also a time when Papa was there, making 4 generations of the Warner family.I’m not finding a 4-generation picture, but the below two pictures show all 4 generations with Papa.

CarlyYear10236 CarlyYear10240


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