Case Closed (practically — the technical term is “suspended”)


Just under a month ago I wrote a post about my experience in being run off the road while riding my bicycle. In that time I have heard nothing about what the police have done to investigate, and whether or not they located the perpetrators, or simply closed the case.

The officer who took my statement gave me a card with a case number, and said it should take a couple of weeks for the detectives to investigate and if I didn’t hear anything from them before that I could call and get a report on my case. At least that is what I understood him to say.

So today I called the number on stub I got with the report number, learned a case report had been filed, and that I could get a copy by stop by any police station. So I decided to detour by bicycle trip home and stop by the Shoal Creek Patrol to learn what they had filed.

I got there after 6 o’clock to be second in line. The first person was somebody who had some sort of report or ticket (I was unclear which end of the issue they were on) issued by the country sheriff’s department, who thought they could get it resolved by talking to the city policy department. Took about 5 more minutes of explaining before I was able to get to the window.

I passed my stub and explained I had been told my case report had been filed and I wanted to learn what they had found out.

“That will be 11 dollars,” I was told.

While waiting I had read the sign about arrest records being $11 each. But I didn’t want an arrest report, I wanted the information on my case report.

The officer on the desk then asked why I wanted it. “To find out what they learned when they investigated.”

“The only thing is here is the report we got from you.”

So I biked up in 90 degree weather for a report that hasn’t even been completed. As far as I know at this point, nothing has been done on my case.

The officer gave me another number I could call, for the unit that should be investigating.

Obviously I have the wrong expectations here. I decided to call the number and find out what I should have expected. Was I supposed to receive a call, or will I receive a call when they finish the investigation? How much success can they have investigating an incident that occurred a month ago?

So I made the call last night. Was told by the officer on the phone that the case was suspended due to lack of leads. Vehicle was registered in Joplin. But unless they get additional leads, someone coming forward with a tip, people to put in a lineup, it won’t progress anymore.

I’m going to guess I could have found that out two weeks ago if I had known the right number to call. But it will probably never show up on my case number — 15-044769.

My memory is not perfectly clear on the surroundings when I was run off the road, but I don’t think any other vehicles went by during that time. Certainly there were no vehicles behind the pickup truck when I pulled up to it at the stop sign.

The police officer mentioned two males. I told him there were three people in the truck, that appeared male to me. So it looks like the report started off with an inaccuracy. And I am certain I mentioned three people in the truck — at least two with afro-type hairstyles — to the original officer.

One of the possible conclusions to this story is, if you want to go on a spree, don’t do it in your own hometown. It looks like the police aren’t able to effectively contact or investigate people who do something in a vehicle that is from a community some distance away. If you are from Joplin, go to Kansas City to cause your havoc, if you are from Kansas City, go to Joplin.

I also got the impression from the conversation that I would have had more luck with the case if I had been injured.  So I guess I’d rather be whole and have an unsuccessful conclusion to the investigation of my attempted assailants, than to get injured and have them catch the perpetrators.


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