KC Zoo: Australia and the Tiger Trail


From the Australia train section you can head in two directions: Down the Tiger Trail or to Australia. We chose the Tiger Trail first.


A new exhibit had opened on the Tiger Trail since Betsy and I had visited in April. The Tiger Trail used to have cages for the great tigers, but since they are going for more natural habitats, the cages are being replaced. The new habitat that open was the Orangatan Canopy.


With the hot weather we didn’t see much at the Canopy. for us it was underwhelming.

The trail also had a Tiger still on it – with signs that they were aware that he was sick and was getting treatment.

DSC06734 DSC06735 DSC06733

DSC06736 DSC06737

After the Tiger Trail we made our way through Australia. We didn’t see the kangaroos, but we saw several birds in the various bird sanctuaries along the way. We even say a caretaker trying to feed one of the birds.



DSC06744 DSC06741As mentioned yesterday, the train wasn’t working so we walked back to the central station.


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