Faith, Hope, Charity … these three — in a garden


Back in June I wrote several posts about my trip to Spokane, WA, to take a class at Gonzaga University as part of the Master’s in Communication and Leadership degree that I am taking. I spent a lot of time talking about Spokane, and Gonzaga. What I didn’t do was say anything about the class itself.

The class was a multi-media practicum. We came on-campus and did a mini-project creating a website profile of a community organization or activity. It had to involve a short video clip that we shot and edited, pictures, and a feature article. We worked in teams of 3-4 to do this.

We also had classes on writing, speaking, and introductory web and video techniques. Why? So we could learn from each other before going home and designing an even bigger project, all our own, on a worthwhile community effort that we are familiar with and believe in.

I had an immediate thought about what I could do my project on, and then had to refine it into something small enough to actually be able to complete. I thought of all the things done by my church, as a community church (not a commuter church), and then had to decide which of those many things to feature.

I don’t think these projects/websites were necessarily meant to be anything permanent, but I couldn’t do such a project without thinking of a something meant to live and grow.

So today I am introducing Avondale Enterprises, a website about the living, growing community that is “greater Avondale”. The first feature is on the Avondale Community Garden — thus all the thematic content about growth and growing. I spent a lot of  time doing video, interviewing, and even getting my own fingernails dirty, as they say, to put this together. It took a lot of thought to find the right focus to tell the story within the story at the garden, but I think you will agree that “Faith, Hope, Charity” really shows that the garden is more than about just growing vegetables — it is about growing a community.

Eventually, slowly, I intend to do more features about other Avondale activities, not solely related to my church, though due to my bias much of it will obviously center there. So people can feel free to suggest ideas to me, just don’t expect swift action. Doing this one feature has impressed on me just how much work it is to do this right. It has also impressed on me how doable such an ongoing project is.


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