KC Z00: Sky Safari, Part 1


Continuing my series on our one day zoo excursion (amazing how many days of posts can come from one day if you stretch it out!), we come to another transportation device:  the Sky Safari.

The Sky Safari is a chair ride that takes you over the central savannah in the Africa section. You get to look down on the Giraffes, Zebras, and other animals. The savannah is different at different times of the year. Earlier this year Betsy and I saw it barely green in April. In July the trees were lush, and actually blocked certain views we had in April, while highlighting others.

We took the Sky Safari from the central African station across the savannah to the other landing near the chimpanzee exhibit. You can go one way or the other on the Sky Safari, or you can ride a complete loop. With the full transportation pass you could actually ride several loops consecutively — possibly for hours.

But the one thing you want to avoid is getting stuck on the Sky Safari over the savannah for almost an hour because the equipment quits.That happened to over 100 people for almost 45 minutes back on May 1.

The kids rode in the chair directly in front of us, so we got a view of both the savannah and them as we soared across the 1,500 feet of the savannah.

DSC06558 DSC06565 DSC06570 DSC06572 DSC06576


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