KC Zoo: Tram to Africa


Unlike our other trips to the zoo, we splurged on the $10 all-transport pass (Reduced to $9 — due to the heat the tram to Africa was free). So we could ride the tram, train, sky safari, boat and carousel as much as we wanted. Thus transport is going to feature prominently in this, and the rest of the posts about the trip.

Unlike our previous tours of the zoo, we decided to journey to Africa first. So we hopped the tram right after buying our all-transport passes. The tram was a quick ride to Africa — though it did bypass the Elephant Reserve that is the usual accompaniment to the walk to Africa.

Once in Africa came the big decision: how to circumnavigate the large continent. The Sky Safari cut the continent in half with a pass over the savanna ending at the Chimpanzee exhibit. The Boat took you a quarter way around the left side near the hippos, with a shoreside view of the lagoon and savanna.

Our initial thought was to take the sky safari first, but we changed our minds and instead walked the left quarter to the far end of the boat route, intending to ride the boat back to the central nexus.

We noticed as we walked this section that there were various chats scheduled with zoo staff about the local wildlife. They were all at the half hour — the same time you wanted to be waiting to catch the boat, so we decided not to miss the boat for them.

Due to the heat of the day, many of the animals were not out, or were covered in shade and shadow, napping. We saw some wild dogs (forget correct name), turtles, crocodiles, and hippos. One of the hippos was actually out of the water eating. We were amazed to see the hippo out of the water.

He made an interesting sound eating. I attempted recording a short video clip to get the sound of his eating.  I haven’t had a chance to edit and check the video, but expect if I did get the sound, I also got a lot of talking at the same time. If I have time to edit, and if it turned out as intended, I’ll try to post the video another time.

That brought us up to time to wait for the boat, which we could see approaching across the water.

So here are the pictures from this leg of the trip:

DSC06517 DSC06518 DSC06519 DSC06520 DSC06521 DSC06522 DSC06523 DSC06528 DSC06531 DSC06533


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