Zoo Week


Today was the hottest day of the year so far — a perfect day to head out to the zoo.

Well, it was, but not because it was hot. It was the second “free admission” day for people who are in the counties that pay taxes to support the zoo. So we got there around 9:30 intending to make the most of the day. Which we did.

Being of a green and recycling nature, that means this week’s posts will probably be short features and focuses about various parts of the zoo and our outing. Including today’s: about the WOW bird show.

We were told about the show, which would be inside in the air conditioned theater at 10 a.m., by Jason, who caught our attention while holding a blue and gold macau on his hand. We were allowed to admire, but told not to touch, lest someone get bit. Since we had a few minutes until 10 a.m., we decided to go through the Polar Bear Passage, and then return to the bird show.

The neat thing in the bird show was how the birds flew back and forth right over our heads. They had branches at both sides of the auditorium that the birds could fly to and land on before returning to the stage. We were advised not to sit under them, since the birds will go to the bathroom, but seldom in flight — usually only while perched.

It isn’t easy to take pictures of birds in flight, or even birds moving around the stage. Their motion tends to create a blur. But I did get a few neat shots — including one of the bird’s shadows on the movie screen behind the stage.

All the birds in the show were predators, and many of them while in good condition, had been injured in the wild and helped to recover, but retained enough of their injury that they would no longer be able to compete there. They were, however, splendid specimens, and good examples of conservation techniques.

DSC06479 DSC06481 DSC06483 DSC06485 DSC06492 DSC06498 DSC06499 DSC06501 DSC06503 DSC06506 DSC06507P.S. — If you can identidy any of the birds from these still sometimes blurry pictures, please do so in the comments.


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