Panda Express


Okay, an update on the all season dining plan.  It only includes specific restaurants — but that seems to be a majority of them.  But one of the significant holdouts was the Panda Express at Worlds of Fun.

But no longer. Yesterday we got an e-mail that they had added Panda Express to the plan. So of course we had to try it out for our dinner run.

Unlike the regular store outside the park, the menu is more limited. They have 5 plates you can order, or single sides and entrees. When we stepped up for the dining plan, we learned we could order a single entree and a single side. Which is about what we would usually eat anyway.

When we go to the regular restaurant we usually order a two-entree plate with side and split it, so each of us getting a single entree and side was actually a bit more, depending on how much of the fried rice or chow mein you get in a single versus a plate.

The other thing I learned yesterday is that those take out Chinese boxes actually break down to form a convenient “plate” that you can eat from. This was very helpful for Betsy and I as we shared boxes. One got chow mein, one got fried rice, one got orange chicken, one got broccoli beef, and then we each had some of all.

And if you do it right, you can still assemble the boxes back together to take your leftovers — just don’t break the closing tabs or it won’t work (p.s. — we didn’t have leftovers).


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