Hack or no Hack


Yesterday was a day of amazing coincidences.  The Bureau of Homeland Security assured us that none of them were caused by any “malicious intent”, but that doesn’t present the conspiracy-minded from seeing all those plausible connections.

After all, how many times does:

1) An airline’s system grounds all its planes for 2 hours.

2) The NYSE crash and stop trading for 3-4 hours

3) The Wall Street Journal website goes down.

much less all happen on the same day, only a few hours apart.

It does stretch credulity to be just a coincidence, especially announced from a government that has recently been hacked itself.

On the other hand, all that happened, and the world is pretty much as it was. The world didn’t end. Our economy didn’t come crumbling down, or crashing to a halt, or whatever collapsing economies do.

Momentum and equilibrium tend to keep things in place for a long, long time.

So, how many of you even knew all the drastic things that happened yesterday? How many of you even cared?


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