Home fix-it


Today is a quick post/video about a home fix.  We have a dehumidifier in the basement. It has either a bucket you empty, or a place where you attach a hose and it goes to the drain. For some reason the place where you attach the hose no longer gets water — it all goes into the bucket. So for the past couple of weeks we have been emptying the bucket when we remember.

The video below shows you how I stopped emptying the bucket.  I finally found the button that the bucket hits when you put it in, so the machine knows to run. PPut duct tape on said button. Then created a sluice out of duct tape below the hole where the water drips into the bucket area, and set it to drain into a pail we have nearby.

The pail is larger, and we can empty it less often.  And if we forget, it just overflows and drains to the same place the hose was draining anyway.


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