Run off the Road


Monday I had a new biking experience — one I wasn’t trying to have — someone tried to run me off the road.

I was riding eastbound on N.E. Parvin Road, and was somewhere past the fire station when I heard a vehicle come up close behind me, followed by honking and then it swerved to pass me and cut in close, encouraging me to move over, before it stopped right in front of me.

My brain sped up as I slowed to avoid hitting the red pickup truck that was the object being used to bully me. Before I could hit its bumper the truck pulled away, and someone through something out the passenger window.

I was a bit incredulous as I saw the objects fall. There were maybe 3 or 4, definitely no more than 10, and as I rode by and looked down at them, they looked like big tacks or small nails. Did they really think they could pull that trick and give me a flat with that clumsy of an execution?

By this time they had reached the four-way stop signs at Parvin and Antioch. I rode my bicycle up next to them at the stop sign, sitting in the “virtual bicycle lane” we cyclists are told to use when there isn’t one actually marked.

I looked into the cab of the truck. Three people, apparently young, presumably male, one or more of them with afro-type hairstyles. The skin was tan but I could discern no racial profile. They were white to me.

“Were those nails you threw out the window?” I asked.

“Yes, F*ck you” one of them said, and then the truck peeled through the stop sign heading south on Antioch.

I pulled my bicycle to the side, grabbed my phone out of the basket on the back, and dialed 911, letting the bicycle hit the ground. I waited about 30 seconds for someone to come on the line, running the license plate number through my mind the entire time.

When the officer came on the line I gave her the number right away, and then forgot it, and still cannot remember it again. I was asked to describe what happened, to identify the vehicle (I don’t know vehicles and didn’t see anything  beside red pickup truck). Then I was told if I wanted to file a report I needed to wait for an officer.

So I waited 20 minutes, and then I got a call, perhaps somewhere in the call I mentioned Prather instead of Antioch as the intersection. But once that was resolved he came, we talked, I filed the report, and he took a picture of me to show I was uninjured. I now have a case number, and perhaps in a couple of weeks something might come of it as they investigate  the vehicle that goes with the license number I gave them.

The charge in “aggravated assault”, which sounds serious enough to me. The officer said he spoke to the detective, and based on what they did, and what they said to me, that is the correct charge. Now, of course, if anyone will ever actually get identified to be able to be charged with it.

I am just hoping enough questions get asked to deter them from the idea of trying something like it again to someone else. And I hope they didn’t go on a spree of similar incidents that afternoon after they did what they did to me.


6 thoughts on “Run off the Road

  1. I’m sorry those young idiots decided to cause trouble for you, Jonathan. There’s no need for that. Life is so short, adding problems to someone else’s day definitely is the wrong thing to do…but my guess is, they’re young, they probably were really bored, and they definitely were stupid.

    I hope the police catch them, and I hope they will learn to do better. You could’ve been badly injured if you hadn’t seen them and had quick reflexes; they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and I hope they will be.

    • I have come to realize that I am old enough that it gets harder to tell the age of the young. They certainly seemed more like teens than twenties by their actions, but I really can’t be sure, just as I couldn’t be certain of gender or race.

      My hope is that they will be found and the scare of it will turn them wiser. If they have the right parent it might even be better for the police to locate them but not be able to prosecute. Some parent punishments are worse than being arrested 😉

      • Well, if they’re in their twenties, Jonathan, they definitely are old enough to know better.

        I’m guessing they probably were in their teens, and at least one of ’em was a very young teen. In that case, the parents would be involved, and hopefully would do something to punish them for their misbehavior. (Really, they’re lucky you weren’t hurt.)

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