Spokane: Montvale Hotel


I will conclude my Spokane Travelogue Series with a short feature on the Montvale Hotel where I stayed.

When I started checking out places to stay, I kept coming back to the Montvale. It had the best rates, and also seemed to have an interesting historical quality. The hotel is a “recent” refurb of a historical hotel that had gone to seed, then unused, and almost torn down.


Fortunately certain people took an interest in the building and had it restored to its elegant past with modern furnishings.

You enter on the main floor and come to the desk to check in, then either turn left to enter the elevator, or right to take the stairs up.


Most of the rooms are on the second and third floors, built around a central seating area on the second floor, which is open two floors for look-over internal balconies on the third floor.

The owners have kept an older period decor which makes the place quite comfortable.

There were only two real complaint/observations that I had.


The first one is that there were no overhead lights in the bedrooms, only lights around the edge of the room. When I discussed this one of the desk clerks, he told me the original plans for the refurb had neglected to include those lights, As a historical building, when they realized the mistake, the only way to fix the error was to go back and submit completely new paperwork for the refurb. They opted not to.


The second one is that my room on the third floor didn’t have very good wi-fi access. It came and went very inconveniently. When I mentioned that while checking out, I was told that an upgrade was being installed the next week, which didn’t help me, but should help if I ever went back.


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