Today is Your Day: Final Sermon


In his final sermon at AUMC, Rev. Ponder Williams did an excellent, and poignant discussion of what it meant to be a pastor, with references from the 23rd Psalm.

He discussed the Methodist method of assigning pastors, rather than calling them, and how after the service he would no longer be “Pastor Gary” but just “Gary” to us, since he would now be responsible, be the pastor, to a different congregation.

In his nomadic life — first as a missionary’s child and then as a pastor — Avondale was the longest he has lived in one place, something those of us who move less don’t often think of when thinking of our pastors.

But let me have you hear it in his own words. His eloquence in describing the life and role of a pastor, the joys of greetings and the pains of partings, are best expressed directly by himself.


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