Today is Your Day: Service Music


Today’s post is sound  bites from the service music. Though it was the Rev Gary Ponder Williams’ last sunday at Avondale United Methodist Church, that did not change the order of service.  If anything, it made that liturgical rhythm even more important.

First, a Prelude from the church’s pipe organ.

Next, the Introit: O Come Let Us Sing Unto the Lord.

Third the opening hymn: Blest Be the Tie That Binds. This song was chosen with pathos aforethought.  For those of you that aren’t familiar with the words, listen to the careful progression of the verses.

Followed by the call to prayer: Almighty Prayer.


The day’s anthem was “Benediction”, also known as “God Be With you Til We Meet Again:” It was chosen to be addressed to Rev Ponder Williams, but since he has been singing in the choir for the past several months, he wanted to sing it as well, and so sang it as a benediction back to us as well.

After the scripture reading there was the sung response: Surely Goodness and Mercy.

Properly I should mention the sermon next, but since that is slated for a later date, I’ll let you anticipate. After the sermon came the Vows of Parting. While not exactly music, it was part of the liturgical order, and came from the hymn book, so I’ll include it.

And of course the service ended with the Postlude.  Again on the organ.


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