Veritasium and Smarter Every Day


Okay, this is another of those link to something else posts, “saving” me time while I work on other edits.

That said, this is a very interesting link. These two websites on science and knowledge conducted the same experiment in two hemispheres to see if the corialis effect was true.

I’ve been a subscriber to Veritasium for awhile, and find it entertaining and informative — definitely worth the time.  I’ve caught the occasional bias and blind spot — the assumption of something not really proved — but overall the topics are well thought out and introduced in a way the general public can understand.

I won’t tell you what they found out, so I don’t spoil it, but I recommend you follow the link and listen to this one.

This is something that wouldn’t have been possible this way without the effect of the internet on our lives.  It seems so natural and normal to do this, but just a few years ago it would be anything but.

*Note: it will take about 10 minutes to watch if you do it correctly.


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