Memorial Day — An eclectic review


Okay, this might be one of those link type posts that get me out of having to write and think too much — or it might be a brilliant gestalt of what I saw on Monday online.

Why is everyone able to offend, and be offended, so much on Memorial Day?

In this first story, Facebook banned a woman from posting to facebook for 3 days because the picture she put up of her husband’s gravestone (he was a military veteran), was offensive in the context in which it was posted.  She naturally was offended at an action that seems to diss the service he gave our country.

In this next story, a serving military man and his bride are dissed by people when a picture from their Saturday wedding of them praying was posted on Memorial Day. People felt they were dishonoring those had gone before, even though the picture was not posted by them, but by their photographer.

Now, I have no clue why Facebook ever does what it does. Some fancy program figures out whats offensive, what ads I want to see, etc. But it just seems crazy to ban a person for putting up a picture of a headstone, but not ban the guy who voiced hoping a military plane went down and all the Americans on it died.

And the wedding thing is even crazier.

Ah well, we are Americans, with freedom to say what we think, and we often do it with abandon.

I’ll close with this video of Ronald Reagan speaking.


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