AUMC Graduates


The list of graduates — as printed in the bulletin and read during service.

Its graduation season, and Avondale United Methodist Church did its annual honoring of graduates Sunday, which included a reception in Wesley Hall.


The church listed all the graduates within the church family in the bulletin, and read the names and accomplishments off, with the reception following the service at noon to honor the two high school graduates present. Since one of them was my daughter, Carly, I obviously am pleased to blog about this.


It was a nice reception. Suzy Conaway made a nicely decorated cake topped with mortarboards in the school colors of the two graduates, with their names inscribed on the cake. That one school was red and gold and the other purple and gold worked very well in the color scheme of the cake.  One side was red, the other purple, with gold “glitter” on top of the cake between and around the mortarboards.


Each of the two graduates — Monica Ring and Carly Lightfoot, set up display tables that noted some of their interests and accomplishments. It was a pleasure seeing the talent each of them has.


Equally enjoyable was mingling and conversing with the family of the graduates and the supporting members of the church.


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