GIMPing along with GIMP


I use a lot of photos, and find I can get most of the edits that I need with Picasa (TM)  — mostly thhrough the “I’m Feeling Lucky” edit option — but I do adjust angles, rotate, crop, etc.

But for class they are having us learn GIMP, because its freeware, and more powerful.  Well that may be, but my attempts last evening had me GIMPing along. The gave us a PDF with basic instructions. But some of the items were on a different menu, and some of them didn’t work at all the way they were supposed to.

I never did get GIMP to actually crop a picture for me. I could select the area, but nothing I could press would make it crop the selected region. I could get it to edit only the selected region when I was adjusting colors, saturation, etc., but that didn’t suit.

Eventually I just cut the region into a buffer and pasted it into another template. Which got me that region, but it also left white space on the edges.  But I finally got rid of the white — by inverting the colors.  See both versions here. The white looks like an accident (unless you put in on a background), the black looks intentional. But it still isn’t cropping.

OvalAttempt 002

Oh well, I’m hoping someone in the class will know what trick might work.


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