NKC HS graduation — Lightfoot edit


Well, here we have it, the result of a feverish day’s efforts editing pictures and video from the North Kansas City High School graduation ceremony Friday night. I edited the 90 minutes down to 27 minutes that were most important to us. My video editor merged the clips together with no transitions, so if it jumps slightly from one scene to another, that is what is going on.

The video starts with one song played by the NKC HS Orchestra.  They played a 15-minute pre-commencement concert — I chose one song as an example.

That is followed the “Pomp and Circumstance” processional. The video shows the first iteration of the song, which covers Carly’s entrance until she gets to her seat. She shows up at the bottom of the screen about 3:35 on the right of the pair walking in, her long, golden brown hair radiant against her purple robe (and also making her easy for us to pick out from the other students). When she gets to Mr. Bates in the middle she gives him a hand bump like many of the other students going by, and he gives her a pat on the shoulder, something that few of the other students receive. Carly looks up toward the camera, presumably to see if she can spot where we are seated.  There isn’t really any way for her to locate us during the ceremony, since we are behind her and she ends up seated in the front row.

The next clip is the welcome from Alex Short, a member of the senior class.

At 7 minutes an announcement is made of three faculty retiring. One of them is Rosalyn Haley, who had been Carly’s case manager for her 4 years at NKC.

That was followed by the announcement of the senior class gift.  They donated blinds for the field house. I am assuming the direct sunlight is a problem during some times of the day in the field house.

The A Capella Choir then sang “Bridge over Troubled Water.” Ogochukwu Agali and Samira Zantout were the class speakers. They presented a very well-put-together speech, “Closure”, taking alternating lines to create a light-hearted but compelling message about the progress the class has made at NKC, and how they will be continuing their journeys apart from each other.

This is followed by the presentation of the class, and then the presentation of diplomas. You can see me  following Carly up the steps, presenting her name card to the reader (23:10) — who pronounces her name as “Caroline” instead of “Carolyn”, and then she received her diploma, comes down the stairs, is directed to the spot for the formal picture, and takes her seat, then stands back up and waits for her row to be all there before sitting.

The video then cuts to the farewell delivered by Rylie E. Lyon.

A senior ensemble sings the “Alma Mater”.

The class is told to move their tassles, they are presented to the audience, and everyone throws up their caps.

Graduation is complete.


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