Nothing special at NKC HS Choir Concert — Yeah, Right!


When we were headed out to the Spring Patio Concert of the NKC HS choral program, we asked our son, Nathan, whether there was anything of note of the program that we should know about. Nothing, he demurred. The fact that he had a solo, apparently, wasn’t anything to mention to us.

As parents, of course, that is perhaps the most important part of the concert to us:  See him singing below:

There were a lot of good numbers that evening, but I’ll just feature one more here, because it works thematically with the son the Men’s Choir above sang.  See below:

The reason I find these two song special is the energy, the quality, and the fact that they are both gospel/spirituals. You could tell the audience was into the energy and spirit of both. I really appreciate the breadth of musical styles that the Northtown choral program embraces, and that it doesn’t ignore these songs for fear of offending due to their religious tone.


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