A Blast of the Past #13 — Go West, Young Man!



These Blast of the Past post hit a geographic divide — the move from New York State to Missouri. And there are no pictures of that.


What I recall is Betsy’s folks coming to New York for the birth of Carly, and then her father coming two months later to help with the move. We loaded everything in the U-Haul and then her father drove it back alone, while Betsy, Carly and I drove ourselves in her car (mine having given up the ghost about a year before).


Our trip was uneventful, or full of a lot of small events. We stopped often — at least every two hours to feed Carly, change her, etc. The U-Haul, on the other hand, gave Betsy’s dad a little more fun. The U-Haul broke down somewhere on the trip (Ohio?) and U-Haul helped unload and reload it into a new truck (though it wasn’t packed as nice, and a few items ended up damage). But we, and all our stuff, made it to Missouri while Carly was just 2 months, old.


This is where the pictures start.


The arrival was a flurry of unpacking the U-Haul with no place to put the stuff. The ensuing months were a continual process of moving the stuff from one place to another — all within the same house.


When we first arrived we stayed in Betsy’s old room at her folks, and Betsy’s grandparents were living downstairs. Over the next few months her grandparents moved back to Michigan and we reassembled our stuff in their downstairs apartment.

Mother's Day 1997, Tryst Park, Kearney, MO. Mother's Day 1997, Tryst Park, Kearney, MO.

During this time is when Betsy started taking care of her niece Sofia during the day, and the slew of pictures of the two cousins playing together begins.

Honeymoon0370 Honeymoon0371

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