I’ll have the salad — with a side of fries


I’ve always wondered why fast food places don’t have combo deals for salads.  Why can’t you order a salad with a soda and side of fries?

One of the things I have observed while eating at fast food places is often the number of times that a man and a woman will place an order, one will order the burger, the other the salad, but many times it is the man who orders the salad. Yet the menus obviously seem designed with the idea that it is the woman who will be wanting the salad.

Which brings me to my other thought. Why are there no salad combo meals? If you order a salad, you also have to order a drink seperate.  And you don’t get a side with a salad. Oh, yes, McDonald’s has started where you can order the burger meal, and substitute a side salad for the french fries. What was a nice option. Once again, it was probably intending women to order the salad, but at least in my couple, I have been the one to order the side salad.

Now, as a guy, I’ve had this desire sometimes to order the salad, but I also wanted fries and a drink. But because that puts the cost way up, I’ve gotten just the salad and the drink. Why is a salad so different than a burger on the menu? Why not create salad combo meals? You can have a salad with a drink and side of fries. Just a thought…


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