A blast of the past #9 — Wedding Shower


Here is another blast of the past. These pictures come from Corning, in 1995. I was living there with my family, and Betsy, then my fiance’ was living in Missouri. But the ladies of North Baptist Church banded together and put on a shower for her anyway, while she visited that summer.

The party was hosted in the home of Joyce Jagger on the south side of Corning. As I look through the photos, what impresses me is the variety of people I see from those days who turned out for the shower — people who shared of themselves on Betsy’s behalf, even though they didn’t know her.

There were the people from the church, and even friends of mine like Patricia Wilson who showed up. The amazing thing about looking at photos from so long ago is still knowing where many of these people are, and the friendships that are still ongoing with many of them. Or seeing the items from the shower, and remembering how many of them have been used, and mean so much, still today.

I’m sure the formal notes of appreciation were sent at the time, but here again, 20 years later, if you see yourself, or know you were a part of the group, let me once again say thank you, and your kindness, and giving, continue to give and be remembered.

Honeymoon0016 Honeymoon0025 Honeymoon0028 Honeymoon0031Honeymoon0017


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