Easter Music Roundup


Easter was Sunday. Today is Wednesday.  Took me this long to edit the musical clips I wanted from our Easter services to share here. Nine clips.

Sunday was the last day with our organist Matt Gender at Avondale United Methodist Church, and he pulled out all the stops. First number I will share is his prelude: Improvisation on Victimae Paschali Laudes.

That was followed by a choral introit (accompanied again by Matt on organ) of “Come, Proclaim the Victory.”

Then the congregation did a rousing rendition of “Christ the Lord is Risen Today!” (Easter Sunday is a terrible time to not have your full singing voice — and try to sing this. I was in half-voice on the day, and had to reserve voice for the Anthem, which comes later).

But it is this next piece that I really want to feature.  The Youth Chime Choir (with my son) did offertory of “Daybreak” (McKlveen).

That was followed by the choral Anthem “Hail the day that sees Him Rise”.

A little later, following the scripture reading, Aaron Redburn and Shannon Lowe did “I’ve Just Seen Jesus!” for the sung response.

The Song of Preparation for communion was “He Lives.” While it was well done, the tempo, as you listen to it, was about half that I was used to singing this song growing up in a little country church. We would rock this one out a little better.

Matt did a nice improvisation of some sort for the Communion Music.

Then the service closed with a Postlude: “Toccata from Symphonie V”.


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