The Hope of Easter


“Easter is new beginnings. New life. Easter’s about hope, and now, it’s gone.” E. Aster Bunnymund, Rise of the Guardians.

I watched Rise of the Guardians for the first time Saturday night. An excellent movie plot — if you don’t mind its rerendering of the stories of some of the childhood myths. It tells some good truths, and plays loose and free with the underlying stories to do so, while remaining true to most of them.

The lead quote of this story is a good example. The character the plays the Easter Bunny explains the meaning of Easter, as the hope of Easter disappears.

For Easter is the story of hope. That much the movie gets right. and people understand: hope and new life. That is the reason for eggs as such a symbol of Easter. We just tend to misunderstand the true meaning and nature of the hope. For that let us turn to another animated rendition: Hope’s Song from An Easter Carol.  But this story telling is not the retelling of a myth, but of the greatest truth — an historical truth — that underlies all the myths.

There’s a story that started on Christmas
When a baby was born in the night
And those who came far who followed the star
Were seeing a heavenly sight
A heavenly sight

Well, the years hurried by and the boy, now a man
Could make the blind see with a touch of His hand
He was born to be King, He was Rabbi and Priest
But the best that He had, He gave to the least
He gave to the least

He was born and He died, almost 2,000 years ago
He laughed and He cried, He felt all the fears we know
But what does it matter? A story so strange
Even if it is true, what does it change?
What does it change?

Though He spoke like a prophet, like no one they’d heard
This simple young carpenter, crowds hung on every word
He hated injustice, He taught what is right
He said, I’m the way and the truth and the light

His friends soon believed that truly He was the one
The Savior, Messiah, God’s one and only Son
But others they doubted, they did not agree
So they took Him, they tried Him
He died on a tree, He died on a tree

God has made a way
For all who mourn and grieve
Death will never be the end
If you just believe

There is nothing left to fearNothing Heaven knows

Nothing Heaven knows

For He died for us to give us life
And to give us hope He rose

For He died for us to give us life
And to give us hope He rose


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