A Blast of the Past — my past this time



Yesterday I featured photos from a 23-year-old photo album. They were from my wife’s photo album, events I didn’t experience. Today I started on an album from my own life. These pictures come from my original college days about 28 years ago. They were an assortment of events. And though I had experienced them all, deciding which event some of the pictures were wasn’t easy.  I still have some that I have taken guesses on — they could belong to two or more similar events.

Since the album comes from several events, I am going to divide it into multiple posts. This first post is the one event I am most certain of. I can even give it a specific date — because it was also featured in a news story in the student newspaper: The Houghton Star.

I was editor of the newspaper that year, but I wasn’t editor when the story was published. That week’s edition was put out by two editors who were competing as candidates for the next year’s editorship (the position was elected by the student body). The picture at the top of this article is the cover photo taken by Louis Lovestrand. Below, see the news article about the event, along with some of the amateur photos I took that year — and just recently uncovered in this potpourri of a college photo album.

P.S. — If any Houghton Alumni have recollections of this event, I’d especially enjoy hearing your comments.


The silver-haired woman with the blue umbrella is the Dr. Katherine Lindley referenced in the story. The next issue of The Houghton Star was the spoof issue, and we honored Lindley, who was retiring that year, by doing spoof stories about her taking over the college as Tsarina Katherina (A history professor, her area of expertise was Russian History). I was really proud of the quality of the spoof issue.


This story appeared in the March 27, 1987 edition of The Houghton Star.



2 thoughts on “A Blast of the Past — my past this time

  1. Robert Danner

    Doing some historic research for folks now at Houghton College who don’t remember this. Nice to find this online and to find my dear wife quoted in Ned’s article. Bob Danner, Dean of Students, 1981 – 2001. Thanks so much for posting this.

    • “Dean Danner”, I’m glad I was able to help your research. This particular event was one of the significant events in my Houghton experience. Though not an Gao man, but a Shen man, it was one of the things that marked the transformation of the campus that has kept the school alive and vibrant to today. Not everything can be preserved, so the memories of it need to be. (P.S. — also good to hear from you, and bring back fond memories of you and your times at Houghton that overlapped mine.)

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