There is a Tavern in the Town


This song has the musical notation of “andante” at the beginning, which I read as a slower speed, but to my ear it feels like it should have a more rollicking tavern-song tempo. The introduction has a lot of octaves in it with a lot of octave jumps, so I tend to play the into slower and continue to speed up when I get into the verse and chorus, then slow back down playing the introduction.  You may also notice where the page turn sometimes interrupts the piano while I keep sing.


There is a tavern in the town, in the town,

And there my dear love sits him down, sits him down,

And drinks his wine ‘mid laughter free,

And never, never thinks of me.


Fare thee well, for I must leave thee, Do not let the parting frieve thee,

And remember that the best of friends must part, must part.

Adieu, adieu, kind friends adieu, adieu, adieu,

I can no longer stay with you, stay with you,

I’ll hang my harp on a weeping willow tree,

And may the world go well with thee.


He left me for a damsel dark, damsel dark,

Eath Friday night they used to spark, used to spark,

And now my love once true to me,

Takes that dark damsel on his knee.



Oh! Dig my gave both wide and deep , wide and deep,

Put tombstones at my head and feet, head and feet,

And on my breast carve a turtle dove,

To signify I die of love.



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