St. Patrick’s Day – Snake Saturday Style


With today being St. Patrick’s Day, I thought it a good time to post some pictures and observations from the Snake Saturday Parade in North Kansas City.

The Theme for the year was “A Bit ‘O Blarney” and Avondale United Methodist Church, that I participated with a float titled: “Bit of Blarney, Bunches of Love.” Some 53 people and one dog (parade regular Rocky) marched with the AUMC float.

The parade started at 11 a.m., but being in section 4 of the parade, it took AUMC until noon before we were signalled to get moving. When we did, we held up signs detailing our various ministries and missions, and passed out invitation/information cards with candy attached.

Rocky did his usual playing to the crowds — or at least the food they dropped along the course. Like a pop icon he greeted his “fans” that seemed to enjoy a chance to get to pet the “cute puppy.”

And now, for a few pictures from the parade.

DSC05433 DSC05436 DSC05443 DSC05515 DSC05516 DSC05517 DSC05518 DSC05520 DSC05523 DSC06161


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