The New Roof


We had a small leak around the front door a couple of years ago, and got it patched. At the time the roofer (Clay Callahan — Cal-Mar Roofing Specialists) mentioned we’d need to do something about the roof in a couple of years. So we planned to save money, but of course other repairs required it.

This winter, during the one severe rainstorm, we had a small leak in the front bedroom. We called the roofer again, and he said we pretty much needed to replace the roof.

Fortunately — and we knew this when the first repair was done — we only needed to replace the front slope of the roof. The rest of the roof had been done much more recently, and still has many years of wear in it. Even so, we had to bite the bullet and repair the front slope.

So he gave us a bid, and we gave the go-ahead — once the weather was good. And of course, that was the last good weather until just this week. So Thursday we finally got the new roof.

The crew actually came by on Wednesday afternoon to drop off their trailer — the one that would haul off the debris. Then they were back again around 8:30 Thursday morning to start ripping off the layers of shingles.

This was a very industrious crew. I seldom saw anyone not doing something during the day. The shingles were soon off, and then I got a call from the owner. Seems they found wood shakes on the bottom layer instead of a roof deck. So they were going to have to put on sheets of decking first — take them a little longer to get done, and cost extra for the deck materials. We said yes, and soon they were back to work, ripping off the shakes.

Before they had finished with the shakes the truck with the deck sheets arrived and was being unloaded. And soon they were bringing measuring, cutting, and laying. I marveled at the precision cutting.  Using a circular saw, I watched them cut through one sheet while resting on another sheet below it. The depth adjustment was so perfect they cut the one without scoring the other.

By the time the decking was on it was getting into afternoon. The sun was starting to descend by the time they shingles started going on. And boy, did those shingles go on fast. But the sun was behind the roof before the shingles were all done.

Then came the cleanup. They were as efficient here as in putting the roof on. Picked up all the debris and even leaf-blowed the construction dust off the steps.

And so at the end of a very expensive, very efficient day, we have a new roof and a clean lawn.

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