Crossing Class Boundaries


In chapter 13 of Class Matters Hook discusses moving back and forth between classes.  She started in a working class family, and moved through college into a middle-class educated environment. Her fear was losing who she was as a daughter of the working class. But she learned through practice that she could maintain who she was, and continue to speak both languages to both groups without losing herself.

The thing I see about her conversation, is she continues to see both classes as distinct, and while wanting to get rid of classism, I don’t see anything in her framework that would allow the differences to go away. Instead of blending them into one diverse world, the stay two separate worlds that people can move back and forth across. This is sort of a difference between assimilation and acculturation. She wants to break down classism, but doesn’t want people to assimilate together, only acculturate, which keeps them separate.

But her goal, to remove class elitism, is a good one.


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