Here we come a caroling


For Christmas, I choose to put together another sound bite compilation, this time of some seasonal sounds to soothe and encourage.

Let me start with this French Provincial carol, a song of announcement and declaration: Masters in this Hall:

This next piece is Deck The Halls, as done by the AUMC Mid-High chime choir.  Follow the link here to see the video of the choir performing it during service, or click on the audio only player below:

It seems an annual tradition, wouldn’t be Christmas without it, to have Jean Halloway sing this next song, Merry Christmas, With Love:

Now for an organ piece, done as communion background music. Interestingly arranged in a haunting tone, rather than a declarative one, here is Sing we Now of Christmas:

Chris Rice is one of my favorite contemporary composers. Welcome to Our World has become another Christmas classic, this year sung by Carol Stewart:

For Christmas Eve the choir did this version of Joy to The World. The classic song is very recognizable within it, but it certainly is arranged with even more power and joy than normal.

Next, here is the anthem we did for Sunday. It might not seem specifically Christmas, but listen carefully to the words, and you see just how deeply tuned in to the theme it really is: E’en so Lord Jesus, Quickly Come.

Finally, we have the “climax song” of the Christmas Eve service — Silent Night — sung by candle light.  This year we had the option to sing it with either the electric candles we have used the past several years, or actual wax candles. This is the one congregational number among the songs in today’s post, and all the more important for that.

I said finally, but one really cannot end without an excellent Organ Postlude. so here it is, by Matt Gender. If I were more musically educated, I might know the title, but I do not.



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