It takes training to do a scam right…


Google, Google, what went wrong? How did you let this e-mail slip not only through the spam filter, but get listed in my important e-mail? Tsk Tsk. It didn’t even have a subject:

7:22 AM (9 hours ago)

I’m Houmdi I work for the Bank, kindly mail me back for details regarding an abandoned  fund that I have helped to secure and now It has to be transferred abroad.
Okay, now when I first read this e-mail I laughed. A lot. Whoever set up this e-mail didn’t ever complete Phishing/Scamming 101. An e-mail with no subject? Doesn’t even mention my name? Works for “the Bank” — like what bank? Poor guy, he’s not going to make this months quota of scammed funds this way, and will be a failure at being a crook.

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