Great Hymn(al)s of the Faith



Following this link will take you to a good blog on various hymnals and their strengths. The author lists 5 hymnals influential to him, and then asks people to list hymnals of meaning to them. I included my own, with the below comment:

Great Hymns of the Faith (Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing 1968) is what I knew from my days in the independent Baptist church I grew up in. None of the liturgical or service sections, and since John W. Peterson was an editor it has a heavy influence of his music. But all the old standards are there — in wording unaltered. We can still raise an Ebenezer (Unlike the hymnal that replaced it during my college days). I fell in love with the words of Fanny Crosby from that hymnal.

So go ahead and read about hymnals, and appreciate the ways that hymnals encourage and inspire, even if  “they helped me pass the time through many a repetition of ‘Shout to the Lord’.” (Betsy and I both laughed at that one.)


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