Santa’s arrival at Bass Pro opens the Christmas season



The Christmas season began, officially for me, today, with Santa’s arrival at Bass Pro.


This year, as for the past several, I helped to welcome Santa as a member of Carolers of Note, the premiere professional caroling group in Kansas City. We sang carols for those waiting for Santa from 4-5 p.m. — taking requests when people asked.


In past years the store had set up a stage outside the front doors for Santa’s arrival, with tables nearby for cookies and hot chocolate they offered people. This year, with the cold weather today, they set up the tables for cookies and hot chocolate inside the front lobby, and had a booth that people lined up at to get their tickets for having their pictures taken with Santa. Rudolph and Frosty were also there to amuse the waiting crowd.


A bit after 5 p.m. the announcement was made — Santa was on his way.  Many people went outside to watch Santa arrive on the Bass Boat. We carolers waited inside to sing Santa into the store: Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Jolly Old St. Nicholas, Up on the Housetop.


Santa entered the store, they spoke for a moment, then all of wended our way down to the store’s giant Christmas tree. They had a tree lighting countdown — we sang Santa Claus in Coming to Town, and then we continued the walk over to Santa’s Workshop.


At the Workshop there was a ribbon-cutting ceremony to open the shop, and then people lined up for their pictures with Santa. Carolers of Note spent the rest of our time there strolling up and down the line of people waiting for Santa pictures singing their favorite requests.



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