A day in the stream of Facebook


Note: This is my second attempt at this blog. I spent 90 minutes reading the source materials, and writing up comments, only to hit the publish button and have WordPress erase the entire thing, no copies, no drafts, no nothing. Have to go back and start from scratch. And this isn’t the first time WordPress has done this to me, though the last time was a little while ago. It is getting so I cannot trust the WordPress editor. I’ll have to start writing my blogs offline and uploading them if this continues.

I didn’t have any ideas or motivation to write a blog last night for today. So today I got home and started reading my Facebook newsfeed and decided to do a compilation of the stories from the feed, with comments.

My first item is this clip from the CMA last night.

Hey, I like country music, I like Brad Paisley, I don’t listen to awards shows, so I didn’t see the clip until today. Much ado about nothing, it seems to me. Some guy says he likes your show, and it is racist. If his comment was racist, then the name of the show itself is racist.

From that I will go to a story about a fisherman who was convicted of shredding evidence for losing 3 fish. Seems the law enforcement officer who boarded his boat claimed he caught 72 below-sized fish, but when they got to shore could only find 69. Obviously it wasn’t a miscount, the fisherman must have “shredded” the evidence, destroyed “tangible evidence.” Ergo, he got charged under a statute meant for corporate malfeasance. This is a worthwhile article to teach you something about our justice system that you probably didn’t know, especially about a concept called the “Rule of Lenity”

Speaking of justice, even though I don’t have a smart phone, I found this one interesting for the security it doesn’t seem to provide.Seem a judge has ruled that police can require you to use your thumb to unlock your phone with the Apple TouchID program.

“We can’t invoke the privilege against self-incrimination to prevent the government from collecting biometrics like fingerprints, DNA samples, or voice exemplars,” the judge wrote.

Apparently Apple didn’t make this program secure enough.

Now a switch to politics.

I like this new congresswoman a lot. The CNN reporters wanted her to attribute her win to the gender and race cards — as the first black woman the Republicans have elected to Congress. How progressive her constituents must have become.  But she would not let that stand.  Utahans don’t care about race or gender, she said, they care about the ideas and character you bring to the position, and judge you on that. They are tired of these issues that divide.

Similarly, it seems the NAACP doesn’t like the new senator from South Carolina — even if he is the first black senator elected from the south since reconstruction. Seems he scores an F on their scorecard. So what is their scorecard? Go and look it up, and see what issues, and what wording they use to describe the issues. Quite revealing about their motives.

Or shall we cover this story and talk about the war on women. An 18-year-old becomes the youngest woman elected to a state position, and become a target for all sorts of diatribes.  Seems it is okay to attack a woman — as long as she is a conservative.  Sheds new light on who is waging the war on women.

Finally, seems like more politics, but I’ll embed this second CMA clip. What is interesting is not the jokes themselves, but the way that the crowds responded to them.


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