A close shave…


Last evening I gave my son one of those important lessons a father gives — how to shave.

For perhaps the past six months, he has been plucking the collection of hairs out of his chin, and we have discussed the possibility of shaving. So I finally got the supplies together, called him in, and instructed him on the use of the shaving cream, razor, etc.

I only had him shave what would be considered a goatee area — he was developing a barely moustache and chin hairs, but doesn’t have anything worthwhile on the cheeks, and his sideburns, such as they are, work well with his long hair and have no need to be trimmed or styled yet, until there is hair on the cheeks to shave and figure out where the border is.

I am expecting him to go a long time between shaves. I seem to recall not doing much shaving myself until I was almost 25, and then being disappointed that I had to shave so regularly. I still think shaving overrated — though I do enjoy the affectation given by my goatee.

I did some searching for new razor blades today for myself and the boy’s first time. Amazing exactly how many options have been created for such a simple action. And exactly how much character representation is conveyed by the presence or absence of facial hair for men.


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