2nd Anniversary


WordPress informed me last evening that I have hit by second anniversary with WordPress. Two years of blogging. Well, not really two years — in the consistent sense.  It was only at the beginning of 2014 that I set myself the pattern of blogging every day.

Though 2013 had by long-term project of blogging the 13-days of my Mediterranean cruise.  I think that was the item that first set me on the idea of blogging consistently. Then an almost consistent series on Christmas carols last December.

This blog goes all over the place, and I am not always sure how swift, or how precise it actually is.  They are nice sounding goals, but more goals than attained sometimes.

I have managed to gather a small list of followers — and probably half of them are real (the other half being people trying to advertise themselves and get me to follow them, no doubt).

I know many of those followers have different reasons for following — some for my “news” stories about events at church and here locally, others for my philosophical or political musings, and others, well, for the other things that I am curious about and blog.

To all, I say thank you for reading, and please comment more if you have a comment. I enjoy blogging, I enjoy dialogue even more.



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