Halloween Haunt, Etc.


Last night was Halloween. It was the first time we had been home on Halloween night in years. We had two trick-or-treaters. I never got to see them. I didn’t even know we had them until talking to the kids this morning. Seems like I jumped into the shower last night and the only trick or treaters came to the door.  didn’t even knock, the kids heard them and opened the door. One was Iron Man and they weren’t sure what the other was. Each took a handful of candy from the bin of candy and left.

This morning was the run to Walgreens for the 50% candy sales. To refill the bin for next year. Stored in air-tight, climate controlled space until next year’s Halloween festivities.

That was followed by the (daytime) visit to Worlds of Fun and the Halloween Haunt.

(NOTE: What was the idea, Worlds of Fun, for closing the Fury of the Nile and the Viking Voyager? Just because it was 30 degrees — below freezing — last night and only 47 degrees at noon today.  Why close water rides under those conditions?)

We went for the perks they were offering season passholders — Free food! We went through a line to get hamburgers, hot dogs or barbecue with the fixings. The buffet included mixed veggies, chips and cookies, along with and open cup for soda. The burgers were quite hefty.

Since the buffet is offered Nov. 1 and Nov. 2, we will be going back for lunch again tomorrow.

Once we finished lunch we walked around the park to look at the sights — by daylight. We aren’t big haunt people. Quite an extensive setup.Worthwhile for anyone really into it during the nighttime full-scale, no doubt.

Day down.


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