AUMC 100 — Musical Celebration


One of the things that really makes my family feel at home at AUMC is the commitment they have to quality music of a great variety, and using it in a truly integrated way in the worship  and family life of the church community.

Following the Worship Service and the Anniversary Dinner, the day’s events Sunday concluded with a Music Celebration service. The service showed off the breadth and depth of music at Avondale. Various vocals and instrumentals, performed by people from the youngest to the more mature were featured. Music is for everyone, and everyone can be a part of the music, and grow thereby, was the underlying message.

The children led the congregation in “This in the Day” and then sang “Building up the Temple.”

Next in age was the Chime Choir, made up of church youth — formed a little more than a month ago. The did “Fairest Lord Jesus.<

The 1990s/200 Reunion Group did a Medley of “Friend” “Joyful, Joyful and “Sanctuary”

Andrea Sheridan and her brother Blane Dutro did the classic “The Prayer”

The “Tell it Like it is” Reunion Group did “Pass it On”

A Bell Quartet was scheduled to do “The Old Rugged Cross”, but was unable to perform because Sandy Keeney came down with pneumonia.

Other numbers included “In This Very Room” by Ellen Garret and Carol Stewart, representing the choir.

Kim Heft did a clarinet medley of “This is My Father’s World and “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”

Former organist Linda Prewitt returned for a harp solo — “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing”

While current organist Matt Gender did a prelude — “Sinfonia from Cantata 29” and an Offertory “Medley of Hymns”

The closing was another former organist, David Aschutz, who played “Toccata” from Suite Gothique, Opus 2. That was the same postlude he played in 1979 when the church organ was new to the church.

As you can see, the variety, in age, style, experience, was extremely broad, but unified in the way it represented the life of the church, currently and through the years.



One thought on “AUMC 100 — Musical Celebration

  1. Reblogged this on markrwhitaker and commented:
    I’d meant to blog about my church’s 100th Anniversary celebration but have not yet done so. Since Jonathan did a great job of not only capturing the spirit of the day but also recording the music, I’m going to repost some of his blogs. This one was from the music celebration we had in the afternoon.

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