Ikea Merriam


Ikea Merriam opened a little over a month ago. Betsy and I waited until today to make our first visit.

We didn’t get any of the free merchandise offers, but we also didn’t have to wait in line.

We got there when the cafeteria opened at 9:30 a.m. to have the $0.99 breakfast. Two breakfasts plus beverages came up to $3.71. Betsy’s soda/juice was $1.49. My tea was $0.75 and then became free when I joined Ikea Family. So Betsy’s drink cost more than her meal.

It took us just over a half hour to eat, which meant we were ready to go when the store opened at 10 a.m. The whole top floor is a show room with model rooms in a winding pattern going through the various rooms of the house.  There were even a few example of entire houses: 550 sq ft., 390 sq ft, 270 sq ft. They were well done examples, and could be quite comfortable to live in. But we would have to dump a lot of stuff to get ourselves down to that size. For sure, once we got a house that size furnished, we wouldn’t be coming back to Ikea very often to get anything more — there just wouldn’t be room for it.

Besides going oh and ah over various ideas that would never work for our current way of living, or laughing at things that seemed just silly to us, we spent a lot of time testing out chairs. Betsy has tried to find a good chair that she can sit and work in. Everytime she has tried something out at a store, by the time she got it home and used it a week or so, the back support didn’t turn out to work as well as it seemed in the store.

We didn’t find many chairs that hit anywhere near where she needed her back support. One of those was a very plain white chair for $12.50. So I said let’s buy it. We did. It is assembled now.  If it doesn’t work out, we aren’t out that much, and we could even check out the store’s satisfaction policy and possibly get our money back.

After purchasing the chair, and a pack of cinnamon rolls for $4, we took them to the car and came back to the cafeteria for lunch. The day’s special was $3.99 for roasted chicken with vegetables and mashed potatoes. We got two of those, our drinks and a Swedish trio dessert.  Betsy split them in half and tried them first. I am not sure exactly what the trio items were called.  One looked like a bon-bon, but ended up being a chocolate and coconut covered coffee and chocolate flavored cake ball. Betsy had expected more chocolate that coffee.  I tried mine and said “It wasn’t as bad as I expected” (neither of us are coffee fans). The second one was a cookie which I think was a sort of butterscotch type cookie. And the third was what Betsy called a piece of fudge, but I think might have been a piece of chocolate truffle cake.

On the way out I spotted some Saft Blabar — a blueberry drink concentrate.  We picked up some to try — probably as flavoring for the soda stream. Then it was time to drive home, and assemble the chair, which went up easy with the simple instructions. Hasn’t been tried yet.


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