Ant or Grasshopper


How many of you know the fable of the ant and the grasshopper? Most of us want to live the life of the grasshopper, but have the stockpile of the ant.

Let’s face it, the life of the ant looks dull. On the other hand, I’m not so sure that the life of the grasshopper looks a lot more inviting, except for the “freedom” aspect.

That, of course, is the lives of the real insects, versus the fable ones. Fables draw on reality, but don’t represent it completely truthfully.

So I think the stress between the two is ongoing in our culture. To save or spend? To play or work? As usual with anything listed as a polar duality, the truth is often something more unexpected.

We live in an age of abundance, complaining of poverty. We live in an age of discontent. Perhaps we could find ways to enjoy the gathering process, as well as enjoy the using process. There are enough resources for both, if we aren’t too greedy on the latter to have enough for the former.


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