Toontown Rewritten Together. Sort Of …


I spent the first evening of my vacation trying to find Nathan’s toon in Toontown.  It didn’t take too long, relatively, to find each other at the beginning, and then become “friends”. But after that we tried to take over a two-story bossbot building, and after getting into the first floor, it announced a Legal Eagle invasion, so we bailed out of the building to the playground, trying to change districts.  We crashed out, and spent the rest of the first hour of our three hour tour trying to get back on without having the server freeze up. We never did get on at the same time again during that first hour.

ttr-screenshot-Thu-Jul-10-00-17-49-2014-54565 ttr-screenshot-Thu-Jul-10-00-18-08-2014-56107 ttr-screenshot-Thu-Jul-10-00-17-45-2014-54239 ttr-screenshot-Thu-Jul-10-00-17-37-2014-53555

Eventually we found each other, when I was logged in, and Nathan got logged in and teleported to me.  But he could see me, and I couldn’t see him.  He could see me, but I couldn’t see him, and he could see cogs on the street, but to me the street was empty.He could step into a building elevator, but I couldn’t see him or the elevator countdown. When working correctly, we should both see the same thing on the same street.

During the second hour, about 20 minutes in, we couldn’t even go through the login/crash sequence.  We kept getting a message “The account server (website) is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.” At the same time, the playline queue went from telling me I had time to play, to trying to check the wait time but not able to find anything, hour glassing continually. It took about 7 minutes before it started to log back in again. And then it was back to tho login/crash cycle. Some 25 more minutes.

We finally both got in — to different districts, and made the decision for me to teleport to him.  Only to have it crash me out. So back in again I went. Nathan kept on falling asleep waiting for things to update. Thus passed the second of our three hours.

Just after the third hour started we both got in at the same time, but couldn’t seem to get to the same district. I would find a street, and the cogs would disappear, as they did that time in the first hour, and then I would be disconnected.

With about 34 minutes left I got my first notice that the district I was in had been reset. I got back in quickly that time, to another invasion, and once again crashed when trying to change districts.

So I was never really able to play for the entire 3 hours, except for that one floor of the one building, with Nathan, before the Legal Eagle invasion.

I finally just got into a district and joined whoever was there battling skelecogs.I knocked out one cog in a team of three, and then in a team of two ended up against two cogs and we ran after the first round missed.  Except it took me two rounds for it to decide to let me run.

For the last half hour I did what I could do while Nathan slept on his couch while his computer allegedly kept trying to get him signed in.

It was great to get to play Toontown with Nathan, even with all the frustration, but after all the anticipation, when I knew our playline times were coinciding, it was much less satisfying than I expected and hoped it to be.

Overall it was probably my worst 3-hour play period for connectivity issues and actual time available to play.


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