Why America desperately needs “What’s in the Bible”


Even Agnes and Winifred could teach Joy Reid something about “What’s In the Bible”

For she certainly is the poster-child of Biblical illiteracy.

A simple lesson in Exegesis would do her a lot of good.

One cannot help but almost feel that she has to know her script she is reading is a spoof, a gag, and yet she is totally serious.

Clive and Ian

Even Ian’s one-liners about pastry arks and the hysterical books of the Bible show insight that she is sadly lacking.

And yet way too many people who should be Biblically literate will probably give her interpretation unmerited credence.

I ponder as I wonder how we came to this point, and how we raise the literacy of people who don’t realize how illiterate they truly are.


3 thoughts on “Why America desperately needs “What’s in the Bible”

    • Thank you for your comment…

      One of the things that concerns me is the number of people who do not see that foolishness, and how she sways the uninformed.

      Even in churches I have attended over the years I see endemic biblical illiteracy, allowing even those who believe to be swayed by such nonsense.

      But I am truly less concerned with her foolishness, than with how we of faith allowed it to develop, and pray and ponder what we can do, one on one and collectively, to educate and enlighten.

      Not that I think education is the cure. People may “know” more then, but it still takes the Spirit to change hearts.


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