Houghton College — Founder’s Day 2013



Quick blog at end of a long first day of Homecoming weekend.


Day started out with Founder’s Day chapel.  I could say a lot about the excellent chapel speaker (and he was good), but I won’t. As many blogs, I’ll make comments on the minutia of things.

The Houghton College Choir sang at chapel.  As an Alum of both college and choir, I was very interested, and very pleased, to hear them sing.  I have even taped and uploaded the video of them on the class Facebook site. But the part I was also interested in was their robes.  They looked very good in the burgundy/purple robes.  I remember the black  “sack” dresses the ladies wore during my day, and the tuxes  we men wore.  I think robes are a much better option.


Second thing I’ll mention is roaming the campus, and listening to the Wind Symphonia practicing on the chapel steps.  We heard songs from the national anthem, to game fight type songs, to Vader’s theme from Star Wars, (whatever the official title is).  I have some clips of those, which I may upload, if I get time and if our linkage is fast enough to get them put up.


While they were playing on the chapel steps, a pickup game of frisbee football (or frisbee something), was going on on the quad. We watched the students playing there as we we listened to the music, until both broke up.

The only people from the class of ’88 we saw besides ourselves were the Schlaegels, who had both their kids in tow. Since more are signed up to attend, we expect to some of them tomorrow.


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