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Men cannot be sexist; blacks cannot be racist.

Apparently there is an ad that has gone viral, that many men are calling sexist. It relates to the Samsung Evolution Kit, and it shows men as primitive neanderthals.  You can read the link below:–is-it-sexist–173827672.html

But what I really want to talk about, is the last paragraphs of the article.  I am not so concerned by the ad itself, belittling men, but by these experts and their superior attitudes that belittle individuals.  Here is the quote:

Further, Gail Dines,an expert on sexist images in the media and a professor of sociology and women’s studies at Wheelock College in Boston, argues, men, who are in power in our society, cannot legitimately cry sexism. “You can say [this ad is] prejudiced, in bad taste, insulting, not funny,” she said. “But it can’t be sexist. Just like a black person can’t be racist. Sexism is a word with a very specific meaning, which is a certain group having more access than another group to the things that make life worth living, such as high wages and good housing.”

This is the same sort of thinking that says, if you know a person’s groups and background, you know the person. A black person is a Democrat and a Baptist, which can never predict Condoleeza Rice. The same sort of thinking that makes all White Males instantly guilty of oppressing everyone else, just by the fate of being born.

This is the sort of lack of thinking and logic that creates an “expert” in today’s intellectual and educated circles.